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Health Acknowledgement Check In

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Students must complete the MDCPS Personal Site Record and Health Acknowledgment Form daily, prior to accessing any Adult Education Center facilities. Please be prepared to present the email confirmation upon entering the school.

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Los estudiantes, antes de entrar al centro de adulto, deberán completar el Formulario de Reconocimiento de Salud y Registro Personal del Sitio todos los días. Prepárate para presentar el correo electrónico de confirmación, antes de ingresar a la escuela.

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Elèv yo dwe ranpli Dosye Pèsonèl ak Fòm pou Rekonèt koman Sante Yo Ye chak jou, anvan Yo jwenn aksè nan nenpòt Sant Edikasyon pou Granmoun yo. Tanpri, prepare pou prezante konfimasyon Imèl la lè ou antre nan lekòl la.


Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center is located on the campus at Fienberg Fisher K-8 in South Beach. Miami Beach Adult & Community Education has been an integral part of the community and thousands of students have achieved academic success. Our dedicated staff diligently works to meet the needs of all our learners and they provide guidance throughout the process. The education center is rich in diversity and it serves a population of multilingual and multiethnic students.  A spectrum of programs and opportunities is available for student growth.  The mission of our education center is to serve our students by honoring the community with the highest level of professionalism by preparing lifelong learners.

Principal’s Message

It is an honor to serve as Principal of Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center.  It is a privilege to be part of an extraordinary learning community that consists of highly qualified staff members and dedicated students.  Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center is a partnership, between dedicated MDCPS employees and distinguished members of the community. It is designed to create educational opportunities that best fit the needs of our student population. Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center has tailored the course offerings with a consideration of the professionalism and expertise of our faculty and staff.   It is the ideal pathway to promote growth within the community, leading to a successful future for all our graduates. Our programs at Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center include English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL), high school completion, Adult Basic Education, and Early Childhood Education.   Each is structured to meet both the cultural diversity and the demands of our students.

As educators, we are proud to have made a positive difference in the lives of so many adult learners.  Our service and commitment to our public resonate in the countless student success stories of those who have fulfilled their educational goals using our facility as a stepping stone to success. At Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center, our focus is to continue to provide academic excellence, encourage, and cultivate a thriving educational environment. It is our pleasure to continue to excel and we look forward to fulfilling all our students’ expectations for generations to come.


Ms. Chantal G. Osborne


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