Adult General Education (AGE)

The Adult General Education (AGE) program in Miami-Dade County is required to follow the performance-based funding guidelines outlined by the Florida Department of Education (FDOE). Performance-based funding is an accountability system with a built-in incentive structure that encourages progress toward certain established goals and performance objectives with periodic measurements of progress.

AGE programs and courses of academic instruction are identified by a course number and summarized for evaluation of learning gains by Literacy Completion Points (LCPs). These LCPs are designated by letters corresponding to specific grade-level equivalencies. Attainment of the prescribed academic or workforce readiness skills qualifies the participant for further basic or career/technical education, and/or employment as denoted by an LCP.

Each LCP represents a learning gain of one Educational Functional Level (EFL) made by an adult student. EFLs were developed by the National Reporting System (NRS) which is required for states that receive federal funds through the Workforce Investment Act.

In order to progress through the adult program LCPs, a student must complete the performance standards listed in the FLDOE Adult Education Program Course Standards, website: Progress from level to level is measured using a standardized test for all federally funded programs. For State-funded programs, a progress report is used to document program completion and to track LCPs.

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