Emergency Procedures

Notify an administrator for authorization to call 911


1. ACCIDENTS - In the event of serious or extensive injury, the teacher to whom the student is assigned shall adhere to the following procedures. In the event that the injury occurs when the student is not under specific teacher supervision, the teacher who arrives on the scene shall also adhere to the following procedures:

a. Do NOT move the injured person.

b. Render first aid ONLY if necessary.

c. Notify the administrator by the most expedient and practical method possible.

d. Let the administrator know the injured person's name and in which classroom or area the student is located.

2. INJURIES/ILLNESS - All injuries or accidents, whether to employees or students, which occur during working hours, are to be reported immediately to the administrator and the principal's assistant. Proper medical attention will be provided, accompanied by the necessary paperwork that will then be initiated to record the injury or illness. It is important to remember that if an injury or illness is not reported on a timely basis, the employee may lose coverage benefits provided for under the Florida Workers' Compensation Plan. All staff is covered by Worker's Compensation while on the premises. Emergency contact cards must be updated each trimester. Many potential incidents are prevented each year by open communication between the faculty and staff. In the event that you become aware of any incident or potential problem that would disrupt the orderly educational process, please notify an administrator immediately.

STUDENT ILLNESS In the event a student becomes too ill to remain in class, he/she should be sent to the office. The administrator in charge will determine the course of action to be followed.

STUDENT INJURY When a student is injured on school property, the teacher or person in charge may render such aid as is advisable under the circumstances and within the limits of his/her knowledge for treatment of such an injury. If possible, an administrator should be contacted immediately. As quickly as possible after the student has been treated or placed under competent care, a written report shall be made by the principal's assistant and the administrator.

DISPOSITION OF CLAIMS CORRESPONDENCE Refer or forward all summons, subpoenas, complaints and correspondence relating to claims for alleged injury settlement to the Office of Risk Management for processing.

CIVIL DISTURBANCE PLAN CODE YELLOW / CODE RED All outside doors will be locked by the custodian. Teachers will be instructed to lock their classrooms, thereby keeping students in the classroom under their supervision. Administrators will call the Miami-Dade County Public School Police and the local police department to ask that the area around the school be sealed off. During times of emergency, the primary responsibility of all school personnel is to provide for the personal safety of students, to isolate problem areas, and to keep the school organized and under control.

NOTIFICATION To avoid alarming the students and to offer a rationale for certain personnel leaving class areas, the public address system will be utilized to convey a prearranged signal notifying all personnel that an emergency exists and that they should assume assigned posts and carry out directions as stipulated in this handout. The signal is to be authorized by the principal or his/her designee when a situation warranting the implementation of the emergency plan has been reported to the office.

COORDINATION The administrator will coordinate efforts of all personnel, staff support, security, and students. When the disturbance is over, the principal will meet with representatives of the media, if it is deemed advisable. The principal, upon notification of a disturbance, will alert the assistant principal and counselor to their respective posts.


All media personnel will be escorted to the principal's office. Community leaders and pressure groups shall be referred to the office. If they are insistent, they should be referred to the principal. All news releases, comments, telephone calls, etc., must be pre-approved by the principal. In the event that a media person contacts one of the school's staff members, it is required that the staff member refer the media caller to the principal or to the assistant principal. In the event that the principal or vice/assistant principal is not available, the telephone number of the caller should be taken and the caller told that the call will be returned promptly with the requested information.

LOSS OF ELECTRICITY If there is an electrical failure, please ask your students to remain quietly in their seats. If the electricity does not return within 15 minutes, someone will come to your room with a flashlight and direct the students out of the building.

FIRE DRILL/EVACUATION PROCEDURES All adult centers and support facilities are required to perform four (4) emergency evacuation drills per year. One drill must be performed during each calendar quarter beginning on July 1 of each year. Additionally, all drills must be completed and reported on-line prior to the last workday in May. An actual evacuation will count towards the quarterly emergency evacuation drill requirement for your site. All emergency drills must be reported as described in the Emergency Management Procedures manual. Following are procedures that must be adhered to:

1. Before the first fire drill, each instructor must make provisions for a person or persons to be responsible for closing the doors (leave unlocked) and for turning off all motors, fans, lights, and air conditioners.

2. When three short, continuous rings of the alarm bell (same as for a real fire) sound, teachers will escort their students quickly and silently out to exit the building according to the routes posted in each room. Teachers must require students to exit quickly and in silence.

3. Teachers will close the classroom doors and take the class attendance reports. Attendance must again be taken outside to ensure that everyone has been evacuated.

4. Teachers will keep their students 100 feet from the building, being careful not to block access throughout the driveways for emergency vehicles, (such as fire trucks) until the "all clear" signal is sounded.

5. Each teacher should keep the class in a group outside. The all-clear signal will be indicated by one long ring of the bell. This signal will notify you to return to class. Maintain the same decorum for the return as required when exiting. The fire drill alarm is the same as the actual fire alarm. It will continue to sound until the entire building has been evacuated.

FIRE EXITS Every room has a designated exit. See printed exit signs on the wall near the designated exit. If the designated exit is blocked, use the nearest one.

STUDENTS WITH SPECIAL NEEDS Care must be given to ensure the students with special needs are helped during emergencies.



Administrator in charge


Security Monitor In this plan the Counselor will:

Be prepared (early intervention) to deal with the (unpredictable) situation.

Identify the warning signs in the individual.

Encourage the person to talk. (Be observant of the non-verbal communication.)

Be an empathetic listener.

Listen carefully to what precipitated the situation.

Project calmness.

Acknowledge the person's feelings.

Introduce the question: what would you like me to do?

Be observant of non-verbal behavior.

Establish ground rules. Calmly describe the consequences of the behavior exhibited. If the situation persists, call the administrator in charge The administrator will:

Treat the person with respect.

Listen carefully and repeat back what the person is requesting.

Break big problems into smaller, more manageable problems.

Accept criticism in a positive way. Do not take it as a personal attack. If the situation escalates into a possible violence:

Stay 5 feet away from the person.

Keep your hands down.

Have access to an exit.

Last resort: call the police officer on duty.