Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center

1424 Drexel Avenue, Miami Beach, FL 33139
Phone: (305) 531 - 0451 Fax: (305) 531 - 2352

We offer...
Esol, Conversation, GED (Spanish & English), Citizenship, Spanish, Yoga, E-2020.
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Miami Beach Adult & Community Education Center
Located at the heart of South Beach
Powerful Web Based Learning Tools
Rosetta Stone, Burlington English, MySkillsTutor
GED, e-2020
Our mission is to guide our students to pursue their dreams with commitment, vision, passion, and a spirit of excellence. Let us exemplify this excellence through our preparing well for class, creating a safe stimulating environment, and modeling our professionalism as masters of our trade. This we do as educators who are grateful to our students and our community.